Diaz Foods prepares for their largest trade show of the year for the Southeast region taking place on Thursday, October 13, 2016 from 9am - 5pm. This show gives our customer from independent grocers to retail chains as well as food service and restaurants to come and sample products while taking advantage of "special show offers" from brands like Topo Chico, Lala, Juanitas, Bauducco, Maseca, Jarritos, La Costeña, Jumex, La Cena, D'Sabor, Lala, Land O'Lakes, Unilever, Nestle, El Yucateco to name a few.

At this event, our guests will have the opportunity to meet Chef Pedro Alaniz who will be signing autographs and cooking up some delicious bites with La Cena & D'Sabor products available exclusively through Diaz Foods. Chef Pedro Alaniz is not only one of the top chefs in the Culinary Mecca of South Florida but he feels that he has a social responsibility to only prepare his dishes with the finest and healthiest ingredients. Learn more about Chef Pedro.

In addition, we will be unveiling our new executive suite at the new Mercedes-Benz stadium for 2017. This suite that has been purchased so that our customers can enjoy games for the Atlanta Falcons, Atlanta United FC and concerts. We will be raffling off tickets at the show.

For more information about attending our private event – Fall Festival De Sabores Food Show 2016, contact your Diaz Foods Sales Representative at 404-344-5421.