Much has changed since father and son team Domingo and Julio Rene Diaz opened their first grocery store in 1969 in Midtown Atlanta, Georgia. When their business grew to five stores, they recognized the need for a distribution center to serve them, along with the rest of their growing customer base who wanted the unique products they offered – so Diaz Foods was formed in 1980. 

With an unprecedented growth rate of 20-30% per year and to maintain a competitive edge in its unique niche of Hispanic food products distribution, Diaz Foods realized it needed fleet management services that could keep up.

Ryder’s Full Service Lease solution takes away the worries and hassles of operating the 50+ commercial vehicle fleet that makes deliveries for Diaz Foods. From maintenance and repairs to fuel, substitute vehicles, and safety training for drivers, Ryder provides the expertise and responsiveness critical to the success of Diaz Foods’ business.