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For years now, there has been a growing interest in Latin and Hispanic foods. Many customers nationwide have been craving that savory kick in their diets daily. The growing trend in the popularity of Hispanic food, in particular, Mexican food, has caused a shift in the market. For restaurants and grocery stores, this shift in consumer demand reflects the need to offer such Hispanic products and dishes to meet the consumers’ desires. 


Mexican foodservice sales in the US have risen steadily over the past six years, with the number of tortilla dishes on menus rising by 20% since 2010. In general terms, retail tortilla sales totaled $2.2 billion over the past year, which is over 2.1% of the previous year’s total. Total sales for tortillas have quadrupled, from $3 billion in 1997 to $12 billion in the past years. These sales include tortillas bought by both retail and food service customers. With that rise in Mexican food sales, companies such as Tortillas de Casa have witnessed increasing demand for their products. 

Tortilla De Casa products are made fresh daily from their plant in Atlanta and their orders are processed with the highest standards of quality. Their approach to not store inventory in their plant ensures delivering the freshest products possible. Tortillas de Casa takes pride in their fresh products such as corn and flour tortillas. 

With distribution along the East Coast, Puerto Rico and the Bahamas, Tortillas de Casa is sure to deliver the freshest quality with the easiest and most efficient service, no matter where you are. 

Diaz Foods is proud to partner with Tortillas de Casa distributing their full line of both Retail and Foodservice products throughout the vast distribution footprint. 

Tortillas de Casa is a premier manufacturer of tortillas and wraps. Using state of the art equipment, Tortillas De Casa produces a wide variety of products distributed throughout the East Coast and the Caribbean. 

Because of their flexibility to offer clients product made to the client’s specifications, Tortillas de Casa has a very unique position in the tortilla market. 



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