Heritage comes in many shapes and sizes. For a growing segment of U.S. consumers, it also comes bottled from Mexico: as Topo Chico sparkling mineral water, Topo Sabores and Barrilitos soda. “These beverages are about more than quenching thirst,” offers David De la Garza, Marketing Manager at Interex Corp, exclusive U.S. importer of Topo Chico. “They’re touchstones to a more flavorful way of life.” To capitalize on market interest and lift 2017 beverage sales, grocers can rethink where these popular products are placed in store. Most stores sell Topo Chico on the international water aisle and Topo Sabores and Barrilitos in the ethnic aisle. But positioning these top selling beverages in additional parts of the store as well has proven an effective marketing strategy.

Younger, affluent customers thirsty for Topo Chico
“Consumers appreciate Topo Chico’s distinctive characteristics and the instant connection to Mexico,” De La Garza explains. “Today’s consumers are looking for that heritage, products that have a rich history and are real, not too corporate. That’s one of the reasons why Topo Chico has been discovered; it’s been around since 1895 and is still bottled at the original source. It’s authentic and real.” Topo Chico is a festive, calorie-free choice for customers committed to a healthy lifestyle. Of course consumers drink it ice cold, straight from the bottle. Many people also personalize it, adding things like salt and fresh lemon or lime, berries, mint, agave nectar or slices of a favorite fruit. Topo Chico is a versatile cocktail mixer, and a sophisticated, healthy choice for those who don’t drink alcohol. Some fans even drink it as a “Topo Negro,” espresso with a Topo Chico chaser to cleanse the palette. Consumer interest in sparkling mineral water continues a multi-year growth trend. Sales of carbonated bottled water grew 56.4 percent between 2009 and 2014, according to market research firm Euromonitor International.

The future looks even brighter. Technavio predicts “The global sparkling water market is expected grow at a CAGR of more than 3% during the period 2016-2020.” To ride the wave of strong customer interest in sparkling water – and move more cases of Topo Chico, grocers can keep in-store marketing “real and local.” Help sales grow organically by:

  • Placing recipes featuring Topo Chico in the water aisle and fresh produce sections.
  • Displaying Topo Chico alongside salt and fresh limes on the produce aisle.
  • Hosting an in-store recipe contest. Ask shoppers to submit their unique ways to enjoy Topo Chico and allow shoppers to vote for their favorites. Publish winning recipes on the store’s website or bulletin board. Award a few lucky winners a case or four-pack. (And be sure to take photos to share with your community and the local media.)

Topo Sabores and Barrilitos: the Unique Flavors of Celebration
Special drinks are a must for parties; Topo Sabores is great as an everyday soda and as a perfect way to celebrate. Varieties like apple, orange, peach, pineapple, strawberry, tamarind, punch, grapefruit and sangria are extravagant and colorful – just right for group events. Barrilitos soda also comes in many great flavors the remind people of Mexico. “With just one sip, you feel you’re home in your backyard, hanging with your amigos,” notes David De La Garza. “With fruity flavors like tangerine, punch, tamarind, pineapple and apple, Barrilitos is not just a great way to refresh. It makes a culinary gathering a great experience.”

Show customers you share their passion for the flavors of Mexico by stocking and promoting these popular brands. Consider:

  • Creating a display using fresh fruit and Topo Sabores
  • Promoting Barrilitos beside snack and party foods. 
  • Inviting customers to submit party photos with their Topo Sabores and Barrilitos bottles. Everyone loves a good party photo.

For more information about Topo Chico, Topo Sabores or Barrilitos, visit Interexcorp.com or contact your Diaz Foods Sales Rep.


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