Perhaps no other single ingredient has had such a dramatic upsurge in mainstream culinary use over the last decade as has chile (chee-lay). Once considered an exotic component of Latin, Indian and Asian cuisines, the chile, in its many fresh, cured and dried form has become a modern kitchen staple, added to everything from salad dressings to elaborate gourmet dishes. The omnipresent ingredient in the diet of the ancient Mesoamericans has become part of an ever-evolving culinary landscape. Capsicum annuum, is the species that provides nearly all of the chiles known and cultivated today, a group which encompasses an impressive array of colors, shapes, sizes and degrees of “heat.”

01. Who is Empacadora San Marcos?
A 100% Mexican company founded in 1949 in Puebla, Mexico for the production of cans for the local area packing plants, a couple of years later begun packing Serrano chiles due to the increased demand of quality canned goods.

02. What’s the company’s unique position in the market?
San Marcos is positioned as #2 in the Hispanic Chiles market.

03. How is your product mix weighted?
Jalapeños, Chipotles, Fruits, Pickled Vegetables and Salsas.

04. What distinguishes a San Marcos jalapeño and chipotle from other brands?
San Marcos chiles’ are packed in Nopalucan, Puebla. Their flavor comes from the sun filled fields of the Sinaloa coast where the best Mexican varieties are cultivated, its warm days and ideal soil conditions along with the expertise of the farmers ensures we get the best of the best available. When it comes to processing their unique quality speaks for itself. San Marcos has maintained certain steps in the production process such as the seed cleaning and nipping in the capable hands of hundreds of locals that carefully handle each chile for a homemade touch, yet the company’s production at an industrial level has kept the pace with technological advances to meet international food standards as well as safety conditions for our workforce.

05. What advice can you share with grocery stores to help them sell your product?
The consumers have adapted to a fast pace shopping experience therefore placement in end caps and side stacks in front of the deli/ meats are becoming more valuable to display besides the Isle facings.

06. Do you have any recipes that can be made with San Marcos products or serving advice for the consumer? Many dishes can be prepared with our products, classic examples are recipes included in this promo magazine in pages 7 and 17, but to name some other favorites: tortilla soup with chipotles, red chile strips with tuna, stuffed loin with chipotles and tequila chipotle chicken.

07. What makes San Marcos products so popular in the american market?
San Marcos products are preferred by the consumer for the unique flavor and consistent quality, at San Marcos we pride in selecting the chiles from the best harvest seasons and fields to bring that taste into their family recipes and homes.

Their most popular items are the Chipotles, its richly smoky, leathery taste grants a flavorful touch to traditional Mexican food. Our smoking process is still maintained as a secret family recipe. San Marcos recently added Serranos toreados which is a preparation of lightly seasoned sliced serrano peppers with soy sauce, onions and spices, providing the convenience for a quick preparation to the modern household, delicious over carne asada. The best selling item in our portfolio is Chile Jalapeño 26 oz, preferred by its traditional taste and price value.

08. Is your brand becoming more mainstream, or is still primarily consumed within the Hispanic community?
Current consumption is primarily by the Hispanic market, whilst we have been growing in the general market as the latest culinary trends have brought forward the dynamic uses of Chiles with authentic flavors what are the plans for future? Distribution strategy.

09. San Marcos started out in Puebla, Mexico. Are the products now well distributed nationally? Our products are distributed all over the United States; our strategy relies largely on the distributions channels we have established like Diaz Foods.

10. Suggestions for merchandising or promotions with other foods?
San Marcos has successfully tested cross-promotions with Tuna and Mayonnaise.

11. Any proven strategies for helping them sell more cases?
Adding a secondary location in the store improves velocity in Whole Jalapeño Peppers 26 oz, chipotle sauce 7 oz, chipotle 7oz and Sliced Jalapeño Peppers 26 oz.