Minsa was founded in the early 50’s in Mexico and pioneered the Nixtamalized corn flour production for manufacturing of Tortillas, tamales, tostadas and chips. After assessing the demand in the U.S. in the 90’s Minsa launched the construction of Mills supplied by local farmers located in Texas & Iowa, in addition they serve the California Market with a distribution center based in Rancho Cucamonga. The company has been evolving along with consumer habits and culinary trends, working closely with our customers to develop innovative products that support a healthy lifestyle. We currently serve over 8,000 customers all over the world that distribute our retail products and also manufacturer of delicious corn based products. We work closely to develop unique processes, assisting in the equipment selection and product design.

The variety of Minsa products ranges from Foodservice packaging in 50lb & 2,000lb to the consumer geared sizes of 1.8lbs, 2.2lbs, 4lbs , 4.4 lbs and 25lbs.The largest portion of our production goes to the Foodservice sector that caters Tamale, Tortilla , Chips and cereal manufacturers. Over the last 60 years, our focus has been expanding our operations while maintaining consistent, great quality. The results are products with authentic Maize flavor inspired by the exquisite recipes our Mesoamerican ancestors prepared. Minsa strives to continue the legacy of bringing easily prepared, family dishes such as Masa Harina to the table again. Because of this, the 4 lbs. packaging is a best selling item.

Masa Harina is considered a Hispanic product by the mainstream supermarket channels and is also classified in the Gluten Free area. Recently due to success of Food-shows in TV we have seen the popularity trend for Authentic recipes, flavorful and savory dishes appeal to a sophisticated palate and insatiable quest for variety by the general American population. This gives the handmade tortilla a spotlight opportunity.

Minsa suggests cross promotional activities along with salsa & beans throughout the year . A main focus was promoting products in the last quarter of the year starting in September until mid February. Another goal was the promotion of complementary items to prepare tamales and atoles such as hoja de tamal, lard & oil, dried chiles, cheese and cooking utensils. “Tacos, of course, require tortillas, but more importantly, good tacos require good tortillas. We can take that a step further and conclude that great tacos need great tortillas.