For many shoppers, the New Year brings resolutions to eat more healthfully. Grocers can meet this need by stocking delicious, nutritious foods to eat “on the go,” like Frutel™ drinkable yogurts. Frutel is a leader in the booming drinkable yogurt category, offering quality nutrition that customers appreciate. U.S. yogurt drink sales grew 62% between 2011 and 2016, reaching $893 million. The category is projected to grow another 11% in 2017. Globally, sales are projected to reach $13 Billion by 2020.* This strong consumer interest makes drinkable yogurt a strong product line to carry and promote in 2017. 43% of consumers buy the product for its digestive health benefits, consuming it for breakfast or a satisfying snack.**

For grocers, the drinkable yogurt trend is an opportunity to keep nutrition easy for customers – especially when the brand is Frutel, which focuses on “super functional super foods.” Unlike smoothie drinks, which often contain high levels of sugar and water, Frutel’s drinkable yogurt packs substantial protein and nutrients into every serving.

Frutel is committed to Nutrition

Frutel is leading the movement for healthier food solutions, which today are often referred to as “functional foods.” Frutel’s products are not only delicious and convenient, but nourish the body through its essential proteins and vitamins. Products are made from natural ingredients, without the highly processed additives found in many other popular brands. 

Frutel’s easy to drink liquid form means customers can enjoy it on the run, while still getting essential vitamins and protein. Plus, unlike other drinkable yogurts, Frutel is made with real fruit. 

In-Store Merchandising and Sampling Boost Sales

Introducing customers to Frutel begins with effective merchandising. This means merchandising the drinkable yogurt at customers’ eye level where it’s easy to see. Arranging Frutel packages in a “block” formation can create a billboard effect that will raise visibility. 

Sampling is another proven marketing strategy. While shoppers enjoy their Frutel samples, point out that the product is made with real fruit and is more nutritious than other drinkable yogurts and smoothies on the market. 

Some grocers offer special pricing incentives to encourage shoppers to try Frutel. But even without price incentives, sampling the product greatly increases the chances that shoppers will buy. 

Don’t miss out on the best sales opportunities of 2017. Start the year off with healthy sales with Frutel drinkable yogurts. For more information about Frutel, contact your Diaz Foods Sales Rep or visit


*Drinkable yogurt global market to grow by $13bn over next four years (, February 8, 2016) 
**Innovation Driving Drinkable Yogurt Category (, October 17, 2016)