President Vicente Fox, who served as Mexico's President from 2000-2006, has joined Diaz Foods' Board of Directors. President Fox was sought by Diaz for his corporate experience and insight into marketing and democracy. Starting as a delivery person with Coca-Cola Mexico, Fox was promoted to supervisor of Coca-Cola's Mexico operations then later all of the Latin American operations. As CEO of Coca-Cola Mexico, Fox led the way for Coke to become Mexico's top selling soft drink, increasing sales by 50%. In 1995 President Fox was elected Governor of his home state of Guanajuato, a Mexican state that today is still governed by members of his political party.

Released in September of 2007, President Fox's autobiography, Revolution of Hope: The Life, Faith and Dreams of a Mexican President details Fox's moving stories. With an emphasis on his aspirations of global democracy, free trade, social justice and human compassion, the narrative is Fox's personal account of growing up as the Grandson of pioneers from the United States, to his ranching, truck driving, corporate and political experiences.

President Fox is committed to Diaz Foods and Diaz is committed to Fox's vision of democracy. President & CEO of Diaz Foods, Rene Diaz, serves on Fox's advisory board for Mexico's first Presidential Library. Fox Center of Studies, Library and Museum, will be an academic think tank for global democracy. Located in Fox's home town, San Francisco del Rincon in Guanajuato, the center is anticipated to be much like a U.S. Presidential Library.