San Marcos Serving the American Market for Over 30 Years

Perhaps no other single ingredient has had such a dramatic upsurge in mainstream culinary use over the last decade as has chile (chee-lay). Once considered an exotic component of Latin, Indian and Asian cuisines, the chile, in its many fresh, cured and dried form has become a modern kitchen staple, added to everything from salad dressings to elaborate gourmet dishes.

Diaz Foods Appoints New Executive Vice President of New Jersey Regional Sales

ATLANTA - April 12, 2017 - PRLog -- Diaz Foods announced today that Edward Torres has joined the Company as Executive Vice President of New Jersey Regional Sales to further develop their growing portfolio of regional and national accounts based out of the New Jersey Sales & Distribution Center. Edward Torres comes with a wealth of experience within the Industry, having spent the last twenty years with major Manufacturers in the Hispanic Food industry, include Nabisco, Goya, Rowland Coffee and Del Sur. In these positions, he has been instrumental in growing sales and revenue, acquiring numerous large corporate accounts, and improving brand strength. Joining in Diaz Foods during such a crucial moment, with two major distribution centers and growing brand portfolio, Edward can continue his success.

Topo Chico – Heritage by the Ounce

Heritage comes in many shapes and sizes. For a growing segment of U.S. consumers, it also comes bottled from Mexico: as Topo Chico sparkling mineral water, Topo Sabores and Barrilitos soda. “These beverages are about more than quenching thirst,” offers David De la Garza, Marketing Manager at Interex Corp, exclusive U.S. importer of Topo Chico. “They’re touchstones to a more flavorful way of life.”

Viva la fiesta, join our celebration.

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Healthy New Year Frutel™ Drinkable Yogurt Fuels Healthier 2017

For many shoppers, the New Year brings resolutions to eat more healthfully. Grocers can meet this need by stocking delicious, nutritious foods to eat “on the go,” like Frutel™ drinkable yogurts. Frutel is a leader in the booming drinkable yogurt category, offering quality nutrition that customers appreciate.

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No More Breakdowns: Why Diaz Foods Dropped Its DIY Approach to Delivery

The Diaz family has made a habit of covering long distances, starting in 1967 with their move from Cuba to Atlanta. Forty-five years later, the family business has grown and evolved into a highly specialized supplier of imported specialty foods--with the help of Ryder.

From Humble Beginnings, Meet Chef Pedro Alaniz

Chef Pedro Alaniz was born in Jalisco, Mexico, into a large family that consisted of eleven siblings. He decided to migrate to the United States of America to follow “The American Dream”, which caused much hardship and strain on his family at the young age of fifteen.